Collection: Siemens

  1. SITOP: A range of power supply units designed to ensure a steady and reliable power supply for automation systems.

  2. 3RW: Soft starters that are used to start electric motors smoothly and gently, reducing mechanical stress.

  3. Modules: Hardware components that can be added to automation systems to provide additional functionalities or capabilities.

  4. TPC: As of my last update, TPC might be mistaken for TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) portal, a software for programming automation systems, including PLCs and HMIs.

  5. S7: A series of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) used in industrial automation.

  6. Inverters: Devices used to convert DC power into AC power, often used in renewable energy systems and variable-speed drives.

  7. PLC: Programmable Logic Controllers, computer-based devices used to control industrial equipment and processes.

  8. Motor: Siemens produces a variety of electric motors designed for various industrial applications, known for their efficiency and reliability.